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Equipment and supplies for backpacking and hiking in cold winter weather including boots, sleeping bags, parkas, voyageur sashes, jackets, stoves and much more. Bushwhacker provides durable, longlasting canvas wall tents originally made for explorers, hunters and trappers in Ontario.

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Visit the Bushwhacker Outdoor Store, an online source for canvas tents, voyageur sashes and other gear that is not readily available elsewhere. Check out our large inventory of canvas tents at affordable prices.

For modern campers accustomed to crawling into the low, plastic alpine-style tents popular today, the Canoe tent is a luxurious change, you can even stand up to put on your pants. Thank you for camping gear website. We are dedicated to providing durable outdoor gear and anorak parkas.

The Explorer has been described as the combination of a wedge tent and a pyramid. The Canoe tent is basically the design we started with when developing the Explorer tent. Similar tents were popular with canoe campers more than 100 years ago. Popularized by Bill Mason as the Campfire tent, the Baker is a wall tent for comfortable living outdoors.

The Pyramid tent has been used by Arctic and Antarctic expeditions for more than 100 years because it sets up quickly and is very resistant to wind. It was used in Peary's North Pole expedition as well as Steger's Trans-Antarctic Expedition. The Pyramid (also called the Range Tipi) is also a favorite of horse packers in western North America.

The 14 foot tipi is a practical size, very portable and is spacious enough for five adults to sit comfortably. The tipi poles weigh less and are more easily transported on a vehicle. Its smaller size enables it to better withstand strong winds which meanst less maintenance when it is left up over an extended period. Setup time for this tipi is less than half an hour.

Bushwhacker tents are available in marine canvas which is specially treated to be water repellent, UV protected and resistant to mold and mildew. We carry prospector tents which have reinforced corners, peak and eaves as well as grommets. We include information for traditional seven-pole set-up and the faster three pole set-up.


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